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Need to purchase Bamboo Stool Online?
Bamboo Stools Online: Bamboo furniture are the most sturdy among other plastic or any seats. Bamboo Stool are simply common and eco-accommodating. They keep going for a long time, yet just in the event that you care about it appropriately. We can without much of a stretch use in our lounge, study room and it will give you another gander at your insides of the house.
Let us check some suggestions and get it immediately.

  • Size: 14 x 14 x 14 Inch
  • Life : Upto 10 yrs
  • Color: Multicolour
  • Material: Bamboo, cane wood.
  • Load Capacity: 100KG


This Eco-accommodating Handicrafted and conventional round stick seat Mudda Stool by Garuda Sales definitley gives your insides another look. Its serious shine finish and solid surface prompts its toughness and fit for your home. This stool can be utilized for Lounging, Chit Chatting with your companions. You ought to lean toward this to purchase as it is Eco-Friendly, Handicrafted stool and most improtant by a decent and Trusted Manufacturer.

The Chair is Lightweight and effectively compact subsequently a decent choice in any event, for your outstation trips. Made of prevalent quality normal stick , the seat is anything but difficult to clean with a sodden fabric. Quality Made of Treated Cane wood with it can oppose a load of in excess of 100 kg.

Rajasthani Handmade Patchwork Cotton Single Mudda Stool (Bamboo)

  • Dimensions: 17 X 17 X 18 Inches
  • Inner Material: Bamboo, Outer Material: Cotton
  • Capable of taking weights upto 90 Kg.
  • Color: Mutlicolor


This Bamboo Stool accompanies an exquisite and average look. Its Patchwork makes it special and the most ideal choice to improve your insides of the home. You can clean this seat effectively by a delicate shuddered scour brush and warm foamy water to tenderly scour the furnishings, and afterward wash with a soggy wipe. Produced using premium quality Bamboo and Cotton.

It very well may be utilized on the overhang, nursery or patio or in the house. These are ideal for home, school, kindergartens and are incredible as presents, particularly for birthday celebrations It is effectively versatile and consumes less space. Can oppose weight up to 90 KG. Don’t Worry, Buy this Rajasthani Bamboo Stools Online instantly and have en experience of Rajasthani culture designs.

  • Traditional and Ethnic Looks.
  • Decorative For Drawing, Bed, Outing Side And Living Room.
  • Easy Movable, Less Space Occupier.
  • Colour/plan may shift somewhat, handcrafted eco-accommodating material.
  • Lightweight and simple to deal with.
  • Ethnic and conventional.

Pushkar Handicraft Cane Bamboo Stool – 2 PC

  • Item Weight: 1 kg
  • Height: 10 Inches
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Quantity: 2pc


Premium quality and Great Value. Its straightforward plan and adaptability make it ideal for your way of life. The entire seat is made of cane, Cane is the nature material. We utilize the great Cane to make furniture. You can place it in the overhang and appreciate the sunshine.It likewise fit the kid, you can use as feed seat, additionally you can use as youngster seat, they can sit in to do some schoolwork before the end table and reassure table.

Each edge has been smoothed to shield your family from hurt. Fit with low table and reassure table, you can sit on it accomplish your work. It’s reasonable for the lounge, outside, garden, cove window or overhang and so forth.

  • Eco-Friendly Material Compact
  • Ethnic And Traditional Style
  • Material Cane (wood),
  • Color: Natural Brown | Package Content: 2 Stool

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HeeMo Eco-Friendly Cane Wood Bar Bamboo Mudda Stools

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H) : 51 x 51 x 51 cm
  • Size: XXL
  • Colour: Red Color
  • Manufacturer : HeeMo


HeeMo Wood Bar Stool is made up of eco-friendly material. This bamboo furniture Mudda Stools shading configuration may differ somewhat, high quality, and Eco inviting material make it a client item. The product has good comfortability and durability. You can redefine your home after buying this Eco-Friendly bamboo Sitting Stool.

You can use it for Drawing, Bed, Outing Side, And Living Room. It will give a luxurious look to your living room. the chair is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Each piece is handcrafted by the finest artisans using traditional techniques handed down from generations.HeeMo assures you Quality, style, novelty, and durability. Avoid keeping warm or cold items directly on a furniture surface, instead of this, you can use coasters.

  • Traditional round cane chair
  • Made up of superior quality natural cane
  • Treated Cane wood with high tensile strength.
  • Small body, simple designs and move freely.

KSM Eco-Friendly Handicraft Cane Bar Bamboo Chair or Stools

  • Size: 14*14*10(L*B*H) inches
  • Material: Bamboo, cane wood.
  • Colour: Multicolored
  • Self-Life: upto 10 yrs


Get your drawing room study room tasteful with KSM Eco agreeable Handicraft Cane Bar Bamboo Stool or Mudda for Outdoor, Indoor outfitting. This Bamboo Stools can oppose weight from 0-100 kgs. Since the stick is utilized as an essential material, it doesn’t need enough cleaning and support costs. Easy to utilize, versatile It is lightweight and sturdy. The Average Life Of the product Varies Upto 10 Yrs. which is one of the key advantages of it compared to other similar products available In another material.

  • Usage: Indoor and open-air
  • Burden Capacity: Up to 100kg
  • Content: Single Sitting Stool.
  • Care Instructions: Wipe Clean With a Cloth, No Water

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