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Best Computer Chairs online

Looking for Computer Chairs ? When looking for computer chairs, there are many options out there for you to choose from. You want to make sure you are getting a chair that is comfortable for you to sit in for hours on end. There are also many different brands to choose from. If you are looking for an computer chair, you will have to choose between a chair that has a higher or lower back and the base of the chair.

Let us check top five computer chairs below 5000.

Ergonomic Computer Office Desk Chair - Black

  • Item dimensions: 20 x 10 x 5 Cm
  • Color: Black


There are many computer chairs out there but only a few that offer the comfort and support you need to sit at your computer for hours on end. These are designed to improve posture and reduce the amount of stress on your body. Their high-density foam and mesh back with lumbar support make sitting at your computer desk more comfortable than most chairs today Great Feature of this chair is its mesh back. This mesh back lets you see all of the computer components. It reduces disturbances from other people in the office and lets you focus on working. The mesh back also provides ventilation that keeps your chair cool on hotter days. It is designed with high-density foam cushioning and has a padded, meshes back for support.

  • Assembly Required. Do it yourself.
  • Recline from 90° to 120°.

MBTC Alaska Mesh Office Revolving Desk Chair Mid Back

  • Product Dimensions: 44×55.9×100.3 cm
  • Weight: 10 KG
  • Material: Polypropylene

Computer chairs have always been ergonomically designed to improve your comfort with less pressure on your lower back while sitting. MBTC Alaska chairs are made with heavy-duty mild steel pipe and Nylon mesh for strength and support, as well as special foam seat cushions for maximum comfort. It also has an ergonomic backrest, which will help reduce stress on your neck and shoulder muscles. These chairs can have either fixed or adjustable arms, and usually, they’re designed to be used in workspaces where your position will be constantly moving from one position to the other.

  • Risk-free 10 Day Easy Return.
  • 6 Months Warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Revolving Computer Chairs

  • Product Dimensions: 45.7 x 45.7 x 86.4 Centimeters
  • Frame Material: Engineered Wood
  • Item Weight: 12 Kg
  • Colour: Black


If you want to buy a computer chair that will last a long time and is comfortable, at the same time it should be affordable, then this computer chair is exactly what you are looking for.
AB DESIGNS Chair is built sturdy with a strong and sturdy frame and is equipped with a height adjustment feature which allows you to change the height of the chairs in accordance with your comfort level. In addition, this chair also has a tilt adjustment feature for those who wish to adjust the chair based on their preferred angle. Further, this chair has an adjustable lumbar support system, a high-density foam padded seat, and tilt control which enable you to tilt the chair. Another great feature of this chair is how it is designed with adjustable armrests which provide ample space for your forearms. This also has a foam padded seat to provide optimum support and comfort to your back.

Computer Chairs for Home

  • Product Dimensions: 193cm X 152 cm X 64 cm / 76″ X 60 ” X 25 “
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: PVC Plastic


The Ergonomic Chair by this Home Computer Shop is a perfect choice for people who are trying to find the most comfortable, stylish, and ergonomic chair for their home. Adjustable height control is in this computer chair. The seat tilt features a fully locking mechanism to ensure that your posture remains perfect. The armrests are fully adjustable and are designed to fit each of your clients comfortably. The ergonomic chair also features a padded footrest, a convenient swivel, and an attractive upholstery design. This task chair has all the functionality of a traditional computer desk chair but allows your employees to move around and perform multiple tasks without having to sit down. The adjustable seat height provides ample back support and gives your employee the comfort they need to be productive.

  • Mesh Back Rest
  • Extra cushion support
  • Perfect chair for work from home

GTB BT-307 Black Office Chair

  • Brand : GTB
  • Colour: Black
  • Netted fabric for seat


The ergonomic desk chair is also a good choice for your choice. This is a Revolving office chair that has been created to suit the needs of all types of people. The chair was created with ergonomic in mind and it has been designed to provide total comfort and convenience to its user. When compared to other chairs, this computer chair’s features include adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat and backrest, and a headrest. The chair has been designed to give its users maximum support so that they can sit for long hours at one stretch. This chair is made using a long-lasting material such as premium plastic and foam

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