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Best Wheelchairs Online | India 2022

It’s difficult to find someone these days who isn’t connected to the internet in some way. The good news is that global connectivity has benefited a wide range of communities. This covers those who use wheelchairs daily. There are a variety of reasons why someone might need to use a wheelchair for movement. People become bored with their surroundings. When we are stuck in one area for an extended period, the world might seem quite a little, and our well-being suffers. To be happy and function at our best, we need to see, do, and experience new things.

Choosing a wheelchair that will provide you with the best fit, most mobility, and highest level of independence, whether you require one temporarily or permanently, can have a substantial beneficial impact on your quality of life.

KosmoCare Pride Imported Commode | Best Wheelchair Online

wheel chair commode
  • Commode with a fixed arm and footrest, similar to a wheelchair.
  • Steel frame with chrome plating.
  • 23 “Rear wheels are 58 cm in diameter.
  • 46 cm (18 inches) wide “Rexine upholstery on the seats.
  • 100 kg/220 lb load-bearing capacity
  • Approximate Net Weight: 23 Kg/51 lb.


The KosmoCare Commode wheelchair online is ideal for persons who require a commode but also require the mobility and convenience of a wheelchair. The user can move forward while seated thanks to the back wheels. The comfortable seat cut-out comes with a bucket that may be utilised anywhere.This wheelchair has a fixed footrest and armrest, making it a stable and practical solution to buy Wheelchairs Online.


  1. The Pride commodes are low-cost
  2. Self-propelled wheelchair commodes
  3. The folding wheelchair has fixed armrests and footrests, as well as a rear-wheel lock.

Premium Quality Portable Foldable Manual Wheelchair for Pain Relief (Gray)

  • Manual Wheelchair: This is a manual chair made to make getting out much easier for disabled senior people/patients and others.
  • Armrests Provide Complete Support: It has armrests that can be used to rest arms and comfortably modify seating posture when transferring.
  • Loop-style Manual Brake: On the right-hand side, a loop-style manual brake makes it simple for users to lock/control or attack the chair during transfers.
  • Legrests and Footrests
  • PVC Upholstery: The upholstery is made of a soft coated PVC material that allows the seat and back support to be adjusted and pleasant for everyone.


Fold-able Dr. Trust Wheelchairs are well-known in the market for their high quality and support. It was created to allow all users, including patients, seniors, and people with disabilities, to live active and independent lives. Patients and older adults will appreciate the wheelchair’s quality steel frames, armrests, and elevated leg rests, which provide total comfort and ease of use. With a carrying capacity of up to 150 kg, it is a lightweight, durable, and sturdy alternative. It accommodates a variety of body types (shorter and taller than usual) and is simple to use (stop and move) thanks to the loop-style manual brake. When sitting in it, patients can also move it about using the huge mag wheels.


  1. Folding Manual Wheelchair For Travel, Fully Assembled & Comfortable
  2. The wheelchair is incredibly simple to use.
  3. With a length of 103 cm, a height of 86 cm, and a seat depth of 43 cm, the Dr. Trust wheelchair is the appropriate size. A pelvic belt is present to protect the passenger’s safety and comfort.
  4. The wheelchair provides riders with a high level of support and comfort.
  5. It can transport bodies weighing up to 150 kilograms and of various sizes.

Aluminium Folding Best Wheelchair Online with Seat Belt

  • Premium folding travel wheelchair with fixed armrests and flip-up footrests, as well as a seat belt.
  • The Ultra Light Aluminum Alloy frame minimizes extraneous weight and allows you to move around your space more easily than ever before.
  • When folded, it has a drop-back handle to make it more compact.
  • Water-resistant upholstery with an elegant mesh design and a comfortable seat size of 17″ (44 cm).
  • 100 kg/220 lb load-bearing capacity
  • 11 Kg/24 lb (approx.) net weight


A transfer chair is a great option for traveling and storing your wheelchair online, especially if you can’t handle it on your own and don’t want to use a standard wheelchair with huge back wheels. These wheelchairs are lighter and more compact, making them ideal for navigating narrow hallways and fitting easily into the trunk of a car. The KosmoCare Tranz Dzire Aluminium Folding Wheelchair is the ideal solution to your mobility needs if you’re seeking an exclusive transit type model. With a weight of approximately 10 kg, the beautiful Aluminum frame is quite light.


  1. The model is comfortable, convenient, and small.
  2. For simple access from the chair, there is a fixed armrest and a flip-up footrest.
  3. There are attendant brakes and a rear-wheel lock.
  4. For transit and storage, it’s ultra-compact.
  5. Polyurethane wheels are tear-resistant and require little maintenance.

Regular Foldable Wheelchair with Safety Belt

  • Folding a wheelchair online with armrests and footrests that are fixed.
  • Steel frame with chrome plating.
  • Mag wheels that are solid.
  • Locks on the back wheels.
  • Seats are 46 cm (18″) wide and upholstered with Rexine.
  • 100 kg/220 lb load-bearing capacity
  • 18 kg/40 lb (approx.) net weight


The KosmoCare Dura Rexine Mag Wheelchair is the ideal choice for you to buy Wheelchairs Online because of its durable steel frame and simple design with basic functions. The chair folds, giving you the freedom and flexibility to move it wherever you choose. The sturdy, easy-to-clean seat upholstery, as well as the rear wheel locking, ensure maximum comfort and safety. The wheelchair’s fixed footrest and armrest provide the support needed to move about freely.


  1. The wheelchair that folds up and has a safety belt
  2. Chrome-plated steel frame with a fixed arm and footrest.
  3. wheels of exceptional quality
  4. They’re well-known for their sturdiness and longevity.

Multipurpose Commode Wheelchair for Old Age with Removable Armrest

  • Easy Toilet Visits: Removable armrests make it simple to get out of bed. It rolls over the commode and can be easily moved to the toilet. The user does not need to be lifted or carried.
  • Cushions with Hygiene Access: PU padded cushions that are waterproof.
  • After using the toilet, cleaning access is provided through the keyhole.
  • Frame: Automotive-quality powder-coated heavy-duty steel frame with a stable construction. The maximum allowable weight is 150 kg.
  • 360-degree rotatable wheels with a robust lock and brake mechanism for safety and stability.
  • Backrest With Tension Adjustment: Provides support, comfort, and posture management. For your safety, a free automotive-grade seat belt is provided.


Toilet Visits Have Been Made Easier Frido 2000 can be pushed and rolled over most commodes, giving the user a private and secure toilet experience. Armrests that can be removed, With a single button press, the padded armrests may be removed. Users can simply shift to and from the bed without having to lift anything. Cushions with Hygiene Access, Waterproof. The keyhole-shaped padded cushions are comfy for long periods and make cleaning a breeze. The frame is strong and water-resistant. Multi-Purpose Use, the powder-coated stainless steel frame is water-resistant and capable of sustaining a weight of up to 150KG.


  1. Unique Commode Chair With Wheels that Rolls Over the Commode
  2. Easy User Transfers – Ideal Wheelchair online for Seniors, Patients, and the Elderly
  3. Commode Wheelchair assembly and disassembly are simple and require no tools.
  4. Dignified Hygiene with Keyhole Seat Cutout and Optional Top Seat for routine wheelchair use
  5. It’s very relaxing.


A wheelchair purchased can serve as your ticket into the world, allowing you to be more productive, experience more things, and enjoy life more. The alternatives in today’s wheelchair market are diverse, with features and benefits ranging from outdoor use to conversion to workout equipment to aiding in the elimination of pressure sores. Because of its general appeal and utility across the board, the KosmoCare Pride Imported Commode Wheelchair online topped our list of the 5 finest manual wheelchairs. It is a simple, traditional-style wheelchair that is pleasant, safe, easy to clean, small, and customizable. It is very effective and advantageous for people undergoing any type of rehabilitation.

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