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Best Book Shelf | Buy Book Shelves Online | India 2021

Books shelf are available in various designs and styles. You can get book shelf in different sizes and colors as well. The designs are made of different materials like wood, plastic, glass, and many more. They will enhance the look of the room.

People who love to read usually have all their favorite books placed neatly on a shelf. So if you are still in the habit of reading, you should buy bookshelves so that your favorite books can be easily found and placed in a handy place.

One of the main reasons for which people buy bookshelves is to provide ample reading space for children. You can find many beautiful designs of shelves which can be installed in children’s bedrooms. You can also buy bookshelves for your offices, shops, and homes. These shelves are manufactured to suit all types of rooms. Thus, whether you want to buy bookshelves for your home or your office you will find one according to your needs.

Timberhub Wooden Intersecting Wall Mounted Shelf (Brown)

  • Color: Brown | Frame Material: Engineered Wood
  • Weight: 1800 g
  • No. of Shelves: 4
  • Easy to Assemble.


Timber Hub is a leading supplier of wooden shelves and other outdoor furnishings. A large part of Timber Hub’s product line includes wooden interlocking wall shelves, wood racks, wood boxes, and wood accent furniture. 

The design of the four glossy finish shelves rack is great for those who want extra storage. This is perfect for things like displaying your favorite books, collectibles, photos, toys, awards, CDs, videos, decorative items, and more.


  • Big – 28 x 10 x 28 cm; Med – 23 x 10 x 23 cm; Small – 19 x 9 x 19; Size on Wall –
  • Easy to install | Sleek Look | Perfect Space Utilization

SKAFA Metal U Shape Wall Mount Books Shelf (Set of 2)

  • Dimensions: 43.2 x 15.2 x 8.9 Centimeters
  • Color: Black | Furniture Finish: Metal
  • Weight: 2 Kg
  • CD/DVD Storage Display, Bookcase Bookshelf


The SKAFA Floating Wall Mount is specially designed to meet the needs of individuals with physical, sensory, and other needs.

  • This display shelf style is made from metal and has a “U” shape. With the hardware included in this purchase, it can be mounted easily on the wall. These shelves can hold books, DVDs, CDs, decorative items, or pictures.
  • They are perfect for use in any room in the home, as it gives your decor a look that compliments your home. The best feature about this shelf book holder is that it can be used to hang up to 12 books at one time. If more books are needed, then use a second shelf can be added that will hold even more books.
  • For a more organized and neat look, a bookshelf holder is a way to go.

The Skafa itself does not take up much room, so even those who have limited space will be able to have this wonderful addition to their homes. Your kids will love them, and so will anyone else that sees them.

ICHOY Books Rack for Home

  • Color: Blue
  • Max Load Capacity: 5 KG
  • Furniture Finish: Metal
  • 3-month guarantee


ICHOY Bookshelf stands out due to its unique and artistic style. The shelves are created from ABS plastic, which is highly resistant to scratching, peeling, fading, or breaking. ICHOY Bookshelf is composed of multiple panels that are built from high-density thickened metal tubes Each panel is designed to complement the other, and the result is a unique and stylish bookshelf design for your children’s room.

  • 3-month guarantee | Multi-Purpose Rack
  • Storage Organizer | 8 Cases
  • Water-proof and Dirt-proof
  • Dimensions Of Each Shelf: L 37 X W 26 X H 29 Cm | Load Bearing Per Shelf: 5 Kg Package 
  • Includes: 1 X Installation Instruction 12 X Base Cover 5 X Outer Cover 48 X Long Steel Pipes 30 X Short Steel Pipes 12 X Corner Plastic Fittings 6 X Middle Plastic Fittings 

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Kurtzy MDF Wood Shelf Books Organizer (Walnut White)

  • Color: Walnut White
  • Dimensions :47 x 21 x 131 Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 13.88 Kilograms
  • Furniture Finish: Engineered Wood


If you have a large room or if you want to add some stylish appeal to your home, then you can go for this Kurtzy MDF Wood bookshelf organizer. This self has several shelves and will have space in between them for extra books or accessories. These shelves will provide you with adequate space to store books without any difficulty.

This durable material is easy to clean and maintain and is available in a wide variety of finishes to coordinate with your home decor. It will last for years and the thickness of the shelf is about 1.8 cm. Each cupboard rack can hold up to 10 kilograms.

  • Polished Sheet for a classy finish | Scratch-resistant
  • Multipurpose Wooden Shelf Organizer
  • Package includes:  wooden racks, Installation guide, screws.

Snazzy Metal Foldable Open Book Shelf

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 121 x 30 x 125 Centimeters
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 47KG
  • Item Weight: 550 g
  • Furniture Finish: Plastic, Metal


The Snazzy Metal Open Book Shelf has been designed specifically to meet the storage requirements. Constructed from heavy-duty industrial steel and finished in black, the Shelf is very durable and virtually impenetrable

With a load-bearing capacity of 47Kg, makes this shelf a favorable choice to buy. 

The entire unit is then finished in black to provide a high level of visibility and a modern look.

This cube storage can be used in many places: study room, bedroom, a display shelf in an entryway, and a toy storage solution in a kids room, perfect for keeping shoes, books, clothes 

  • Water-proof and dirt-proof
  • Sturdy and a Balanced Structure

You can  find some great deals when you buy bookshelves online. In addition to this, you can also save a lot of time and money by comparing the prices of different websites. This will help you buy the best shelves at the cheapest price possible.

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