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Bean Bags | Beans Filled | India 2021

Bean bags come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and colors. They are used by people of all ages and from all walks of life. There are even some bean bags that are waterproof. When buying a beanbag, you want to know why you want one and what it will be used for.
Most people associate bean bags with teen bedrooms and college dorm rooms. This is simply because they are an easy and inexpensive way to add extra seating into a small room when you are on a tight budget. If you can purchase an armchair or couch but you still want to add a few extra seating into a small room, a beanbag or two may very affordable compared to the other forms of seating available

Pro's of using Bean Bags

  1. Affordable: One of the pros of bean bags is that you do not have to spend a large amount of money on them. They are very inexpensive, which makes them a great choice for many people. They are also very affordable when compared to other forms of seating, like couches and loveseats.
  2. Portable:  If you have a home with traditional furniture, you know how difficult it can be to keep that furniture clean and looking nice. Traditional furniture is also very hard to move around. With the use of a bean bag, you will not have to worry about lifting heavy antique furniture from your storage area. You can also take your bean bag chair with you when you move into a new house or even when you move to a new apartment.
  3. Reduce back pain: Bean bags provide the perfect nook for someone with back pain to curl up and read a book, chat with friends, or watch television. Many of them also have ergonomic tops that contour to the shape of one’s lower back, so that they are comfortable no matter what position you sit in.

In summary, the benefits of bean bags go far beyond their convenience and their versatility. They can provide hours of activity for your family. They can provide entertainment for your visitors as well. You will even enjoy the benefits of being able to sit on a chair when you want to read a book, go on the computer, or watch TV without having to sit up straight to view the screen.

Best 3 Bean Bags | Beans Filled

Sattva Classic Bean Bag

  • Size: XXL
  • Hold up to 50 Kg weight.
  • Item Weight: 3.75 Kg
  • Dimensions: 61 x 61 x 106.7 Centimeters
  •  Material : Faux Leather


Sattva Bean bags are so comfortable that many people fall asleep sitting on them! It has a very cozy top and a very soft bottom that work together to give you an incredibly comfortable and warm bottom base. If you want ultimate comfort, you will definitely love the way this bean bag chairs fit your body. Have double protection, with Velcro and zipper which means it will protect you from all sides and they keep the contents of the bag from spilling all over.

  • Fill Material: Polystyrene
  • Shipping Includes: One Bean Bag Filled with beans
  • 6 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Bean Bag requires 1.5 Kg Beans

Urban Style Decore Bean Bags with Footrest - XXXL

  • Color: Navy Blue Cream
  • Item Weight: 4 Kg
  • Dimensions:  70 x 70 x 116 cm
  •  Material : Faux Leather


Perfect for a family holiday or just a great place for you and your guests to curl up. No matter what the occasion, you will enjoy the comfortable warmth that this Urban Style Decore bean bag provides. The comfort and durability are unmatched. There is nothing better than snuggling up with this beanbag and watching a movie.

  • Latest Stylist Bean Bags
  • Desirable Posture
  • Premium Quality Beans bags with beans filled.

Sattva Classic XXL Bean Bag Filled (with Beans)- Black Grey

  • Color: Multicolour
  • Item Weight: 3 Kg
  • Dimensions: 61 x 61 x 106.7 cm
  •  Material: Faux Leather
  • Fill Material: Polystyrene


It’s always a good idea to always have a few spare beanbags around the house. Buying this, you always have one on hand. You can never predict when boredom will hit. Or if your child gets bored and creates a scene by sitting on the floor. It is a good feeling knowing that you have a spare bag just waiting for a change of pace or just to have some company. With a bean bag like this, there will be nobody to blame but yourself when boredom strikes.

  • Superior Quality fade resistant
  • Product Size: XXL
  • 6 Months Manufacturer’s warranty

In general,beans chairs have made very popular. The unique and stylish styling and modern design make it perfect for use in many places. Thus, this is a must-buy for anyone.


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